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Naveen Lakkur
Naveen Lakkur3 days ago
Everyone has an 'innovator' within themselves! Watch as William C. Miller, Founder of Values Centered Innovation gives insights on how you can bring out the #innovator from within. #innovation
Naveen Lakkur
William Miller on Nuggets with Naveen- There’s Potential in Every One of us to Innovate
William C. Miller, Co-founder of Values Centered Innovation Enablement Services (VCI) believes there is innovation within each one of us. Watch as he gives i...
Naveen Lakkur
Naveen Lakkur5 days ago
To learn more about the six innovation-related core values that can impart widespread benefits, read the book here: http://amzn.to/2f12IWp #Innovation #Values
Naveen Lakkur
Naveen Lakkur1 week ago
If you're an aspiring #entrepreneur, you need to be armed with the right skills! #Entrepreneurship #Skills #Startup Bangalore Startups Bangalore Startups Startup Saturday Bangalore Bangalore Entrepreneur Bengaluru Startups
Naveen Lakkur
Naveen Lakkur2 weeks ago
It's almost here! Just one day left to attend the workshop that will help you think innovatively! See you all tomorrow! 🙂
For more details: http://bit.ly/OTBT08July #NaveenLakkurWorkshops